What Type Of Drill Bit Is Best For Your New Project?

7 June 2022
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If you have decided to take up a new hobby where you will spend a lot of time making a variety of products, you may be thinking about your tooling needs. You will have to purchase many different machines and hand tools but will also need to buy a selection of drill bits. While you may have thought that one particular style or type of drill bit could suffice for a range of different tasks, you may have to carefully consider the materials as well as the coating applied to these bits. What do you need to bear in mind?

Carbon Steel

At the lower end of the equation, and something that a generalist often chooses is the carbon steel drill bit. These are certainly the cheapest options and more suited to working with softer wood or plastics but don't expect them to last long. High carbon bits will retain their shape and efficiency for much longer, and you could even use those for soft metal applications.

High-Speed Steel

By far, the most common type of drill bit is made from high-speed steel which is able to cope with much greater temperatures due to its carbon composition and is often found in CNC machining. It is possible to apply a titanium coating to high-speed steel drill bits to help reduce the levels of friction.


Applying a titanium coating to a drill bit can also extend its longevity and make it suitable for repetitive work through plastics, woods, irons and steel surfaces. However, it will eventually wear down and cannot be re-sharpened as this will get rid of the titanium coating.


If you want to work with stainless steel, perhaps you should choose a cobalt-coated drill. It's much better than high-speed steel and retains its composure at high temperatures. However, you need to be careful as you work, as the cobalt coating makes this drillbit rather brittle.


At the top end of the spectrum is the polycrystalline diamond bit. If you want to work extensively with ceramic or glass, you need to choose this solution, but its overall longevity should more than compensate for its higher price.

Asking For Further Advice

As you can see, there are many different choices, and it can be quite difficult for a newcomer to understand how to choose. If you have any questions, ask your drillbit supplier for their advice. You can tell them what you want to achieve, and they will suggest the most appropriate solution.

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