Convincing Reasons to Integrate Antimicrobial Powder Coating in Your Industrial Processes

7 May 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When it comes to finishing techniques, powder coating is arguably the top solution for a majority of industrial and manufacturing business and this is not without reason. Powder coating remains the preferred finishing technique for a myriad of metallic products since it provides these items with both water and chemical resistance, which goes a long way in guarding against corrosion that would jeopardise their integrity. Moreover, powder coating elevates the visual appeal of your products, making them more marketable and increasing your products.

Nonetheless, the powder coating industry, like most other industries, has evolved dramatically over the years. And one of the latest innovations in powder coating formulas is the advent of antimicrobial properties. Although this solution does cost more than its traditional counterpart, check out the following convincing reasons to integrate antimicrobial powder coating in your industrial processes.

Keep your manufactured products free from pathogens

Unquestionably, the foremost reason why you should consider incorporating antimicrobial powder coating into your industrial processes is to ensure that your manufactured products are not at risk of pathogens. While some industrialist may think that this is only crucial when manufacturing products that will be employed in sterile applications such as medical equipment, this is not correct.

When you utilise antimicrobial powder coating to finish your products, this coating will constrain the growth of mould, bacteria, fungi, mould and other pathogens that would lead to pungent odours, unsightly staining and the eventual deterioration of your products' surfaces.

Minimise the degree of upkeep required for your products

The second benefit of investing in antimicrobial powder coating to finish your manufactured products is that these coatings work to limit the degree of maintenance required to keep your items in good shape. Without these coatings, the surface of the products will be vulnerable to stains that would be challenging to eliminate with conventional cleaning techniques. As a result, your customers will resort to using industrial-strength cleaning agents that could end up compromising the surface of the products.

Consequently, not only is the lifespan of these products shortened, but you inadvertently contribute to environmental degradation from the use of chemical-based cleaners. With antimicrobial powder coating, you dramatically reduce the degree of maintenance that your manufactured products require. Therefore, you extend the lifecycle of your products, while also making sure that the end-user will not have a challenging time during their ownership of the item.

Further convincing reasons to integrate antimicrobial powder coating into your industrial processes include cost savings for your business and guaranteed hygiene wherever your products will be utilised.