Why Install a Flagpole on a Hinged Base?

15 March 2021
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When you buy a flagpole, you have to ensure that you make the right choice of base. You need a base that can hold the flagpole securely in place. However, some bases, such as hinged plates, do more than support the pole. How does this kind of base work and what are its benefits?

What Is a Hinged Flagpole Base?

A hinged flagpole base shares some similarities with a flanged or plated base. The core part of this device is a flat base which is usually bolted into concrete to give the flagpole additional security and support. However, a hinged base doesn't just have one plate. It usually has two. The first bolts into the ground to create the pole's primary support. The second is hinged on top of this lower base; this plate holds the flagpole.

When you open the hinged plate, the flagpole also moves. This allows you to bring the pole down to ground level without taking it out of its base. When you close the hinged plate again, the flagpole re-erects itself.

What Are the Benefits of Hinged Flagpole Bases?

Any flagpole needs some maintenance. For example, you might have to repair broken or tangled ropes or flags. The pole might need cleaning or painting if it starts to look old and worn. If a metal pole rusts, you'll have to treat the corrosion to prevent it from spreading.

These jobs aren't always easy. If you don't have lifting equipment and employees who can work safely at a height, then you might need to hire someone with relevant equipment and experience. This could turn a relatively small repair job into a more costly expense.

If you install a flagpole with a hinged base, then you don't need to wait to bring in external contractors. You can take on your own repair and maintenance jobs. These plates are easy to use. It often takes just one person to get the flagpole on to the ground and up again. Once it is at ground level, repairs and maintenance jobs are a lot quicker and easier to complete.

For example, if your rope has become very tangled, you can simply lower the pole, untangle the rope and then put the pole up again. This could take a matter of minutes. Even if you have to bring someone in to do some jobs for you, your costs should be cheaper if you can bring the pole down yourself. You won't need to hire someone with a lifting platform.

To find out more about hinged bases and their benefits, contact your flagpole manufacturer.