Three reasons to opt for automatic labelling machines

23 October 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Do you use labels in your business? Maybe you need to mark up bottles of chemicals or produce safety information notes for food or for products you are working with. Correct labelling is a vital part of many businesses, yet sometimes labels can be a real problem to produce in bulk. Writing labels is often slow and subject to error. Human error can lead to the labels not being applied correctly, making them difficult to read or obscuring vital information. If you have been struggling with label production, then a good alternative to handwritten labels is the use of automatic labelling machines. There are at least three great reasons to invest in automatic labelling machines.

Automatic labelling machines help production increase to meet demand.

Labelling is a job that needs to be done carefully when it is done manually and this can quickly become a bottleneck in your production. The rest of your company may be able to increase production, but if you can't assign more people to label, then everything gets stacked up waiting for that one task to be finished. Automatic labelling machines will permit labelling to be completed much more quickly so that you can increase production volume and satisfy the demand from your customers.

Automatic labelling machines improve quality.

No matter how hard your employees try to be accurate, there is always the possibility of human error during production, and this can be particularly galling at the labelling stage. If your staff are trying to move quickly, then it is likely that they will misapply a label. Perhaps it will go onto the container crookedly, or maybe they will put on the wrong label entirely. Whatever the reason for the error may be, it will still block up production further while the label is removed and then reapplied correctly. When you choose automatic labelling machines instead, there is no rush and every label is applied to the product perfectly, driving up quality while increasing speed.

Automatic labelling machines keep working.

It doesn't matter how dedicated your staff may be, they are still entitled to take breaks and to take days off from time to time. Disruptions like this to the working day can often slow production to a crawl since less qualified and experienced people will be on the shop floor working. With automatic labelling machines, no special skills are required to produce the labels and work can continue while some of your staff are enjoying a break.

Consider looking into different automatic labelling machines to see what's available.