4 Common Mistakes Made During Metal Fabrication Projects

9 September 2020
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The process of metal fabrication is complicated, and it must be handled right for one to get quality products. The way you handle your metal fabrication process will determine the success of your manufacturing business. If you are not a professional fabricator, however, you are bound to make mistakes that affect the design of your metal parts. 

Here are common mistakes you should avoid making during your fabrication project. 

Failing to Make Accurate Drawings

It is essential to have a clear drawing of the design you wish to achieve before you start fabricating the metal. Without proper drawings, you might start making changes in the middle of the project, which will have severe consequences on your final design. 

Making changes as you go will push the project longer than when you have accurately drawn designs from the start. You are also bound to make fewer errors when following a specific pattern. Work with a designer who can help you create models for your project. 

Neglecting to Clean the Surface

It is critical to clean your metal surface properly to get rid of all contaminants. If you choose to wire brush the surface, ensure that the wire brush you use has not been used before. Use clean abrasive disks and flapper wheels to get rid of minor imperfections on the surface.

Sandblasting is another cleaning method you can use to get rid of all dirt on the metal surface. Techniques such as chemical cleaning or passivation can also work well to get rid of dirt. The important thing is to make sure there is no dirt on the surface before you start fabrication. 

Not Accounting for Finishing Touches

Most projects in fabrication have particular requirements for the finish. Therefore, take the time to discuss with expert designers to determine the perfect finish for your final product. 

Paint and epoxy are common finishes used. Whichever coating you decide to use, ensure you include it in your fabrication estimate. Neglecting to account for your product's finish can result in inaccurate timing and cost estimates. 

Using the Wrong Techniques

It is common for metal fabricators to favour certain fabrication techniques over others, but it is vital to be flexible. Though it may be easier for you to use certain techniques, find out if they are ideal for the project first. Do not use a fabrication method that will not offer the best quality just because it is the one you feel comfortable using. 

The best way to avoid making errors in your metal fabrication project is by working with expert companies. Therefore, take your time to research a company that has years of experience and can guarantee quality metal designs. 

To learn more, contact a metal fabrication company.