Do you need to buy hand sanitiser stands?

8 July 2020
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There has never been a time when regular disinfection and cleaning has been more important. If you want your staff and customers to keep free of infection, having a way that they can quickly clean their hands at regular intervals makes sense. Fitting hand sanitiser stands is an effective means of protecting your business from any viruses or diseases that could spread through touch or handling shared tools. Hand sanitiser is important for preventing the spread of infection, but how much hand sanitiser do you need at one time, how is that hand sanitiser dispensed and, perhaps most critically, why use hand sanitiser stands at all? Answering these three questions will help you to determine the most suitable hand sanitiser stands for your company.

Why use hand sanitiser stands?

If you decide that people on your premises need access to hand sanitiser, you could simply decide to place bottles of sanitiser around the building at convenient locations. While such a policy could be effective, it is likely that there could soon be problems. Loose bottles of sanitiser can easily be moved, lost, or even stolen by those who enter the building, leading to a loss of time and perhaps a complete breakdown in your disinfection policy when people can't find the bottle. When you employ hand sanitiser stands, you can be sure that you will always know where your bottles of hand sanitiser are and you will have confidence that everyone will be able to find them when they need them.  

How much hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is a highly effective substance, but do you know how much of it you truly need? When you let people apply hand sanitiser straight from the bottle, some people will take too little and not properly clean their hands. Other people will pour out far too much and leave the sanitiser dripping all over the floor. If you install aromatic hand sanitiser stands, the stand will only dispense a specified amount each time, so you can be confident that everyone has the right amount.

How is the hand sanitiser dispensed?

Depending on the type of hand sanitiser used, you must be certain that it is being delivered to the hands of your visitors with a minimum of human contact. Hand sanitiser stands can often offer contact-free delivery or ensure that delivering the sanitiser does not rely on handling a potentially contaminated bottle of sanitiser.

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