Four Tips for Finding the Appropriate Wood Pallets for Your DIY Craft

26 May 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The ubiquitous wood pallet is a great option for DIY woodworking projects. You just need to have some basic woodworking skills and the right tools to create beautiful pieces of woodwork. While you can find free or cheap wood pallets just about anywhere, not all pallets are suitable for reuse.

Below are a few tips for finding reusable pallets for your DIY projects.

1. Determine the Look You Want for Your Craft

Even when still new, wood pallets have a pleasantly aged look. But not all pallets are created equal. Each has the unique look of the wood that was used to make it. When looking for pallets for your woodworking projects, be sure to choose a pallet that matches the look you want for your project.

Teak, for example, makes for a beautiful finish for outdoor furniture due to its tight grains.

2. Look for Pallets with the Least Damage

The first use of pallets is to protect the goods destined for shipping. Due to previous use and abuse, most wood pallets don't come completely free of damage. That's why you should inspect the condition of the pallets you come across before using them.

Look for pallets that are still in good condition. If they're a little damaged, they should be easy to repair. Pallets that show signs of rot should be avoided, as the rotting process can't be reversed. 

3. Avoid Chemically-Treated Pallets

When choosing pallets for your project, be sure to find out how they were treated. Wood pallets can either be chemically-treated or heat-treated. As the names say, chemically-treated pallets are treated with chemical products, while heat-treated alternatives are treated by being heated in a kiln.

Look for heat-treated pallets, as they don't contain the hazardous methyl bromide chemical that is used to chemically-treat pallets.

4. Avoid Food-Carrying Pallets

Unless you intend to make a compost bin, you should steer clear of food-carrying wood pallets. These pallets may harbour deadly germs and bacteria from shipping organic products. These microorganisms can threaten the health and safety of your family, especially when they're used to grow food.

When it comes to how wood pallets can be reused, you're limited by your imagination only. However, it's important to remember that not all pallets are created and used the same, so you should choose yours wisely. One approach to finding the appropriate pallets for your project is to partner with a trustworthy reusable pallet supplier in your area.