7 Creative Ways to Use Perspex Sheets Throughout Your Home

7 May 2020
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Perspex, like wood, is a versatile material that you can use creatively in a variety of ways throughout your home. Perspex has many unique properties, such as high durability, excellent light transmittance and strong UV resistance. And because of that, manufacturers and designers use this material to create furniture, outdoor signage and even airplane windshields!

And Perspex is light, which means that you can easily move it to wherever you need it. If you'd like to get creative with Perspex sheets throughout your home, you could use them in any, or all, of the following ways.

1. As Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks

The surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen are vulnerable to damage from moisture, food and cleaning products. Over time, painted, papered and even tiled surfaces begin to stain. They also begin to fade, especially if you need to scrub at them to remove foreign substances.

Perspex can conserve the walls behind your stove and behind and beside the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom. Not only is it easy to clean, but you can opt to install coloured Perspex sheets to spice up your kitchen and bathroom spaces, too.

2. As Window Protectors

Outdoors, your windows are at risk for burglary and bad weather. Indoors, your windows might be at risk because of pets and boisterous children. But thankfully, because Perspex is much more durable than glass, it can soak up any punishment that might threaten your windows. And although a very determined burglar could eventually break through it, they would waste a lot of time in the process.

3. As Tabletop Preservers

If you sit around the dinner table with your family for meals, your table will see lots of use. Hot plates and cups, as well as liquid spills, will take their toll on your wooden tabletop. But by placing a sheet of clear Perspex over your tabletop, you can protect your wooden table and still enjoy its appearance.

4. As Wall Shields

Hospitals and care homes often use Perspex sheets to protect their interior walls from scrapes and scratches. If you are proud of your home's beautiful walls but also worried that your pets or children might damage them, place Perspex sheets over them. Clear Perspex won't take away from the beauty of your walls as it protects them from damage.

5. As Shelving Unit Covers

If you like to display pictures or ornaments on your shelving units but you have young children or pets on the prowl every day, Perspex sheets can form a sturdy protective barrier. This means you'll be able to show off your collection of trophies or collectibles without gasping for breath every time a child or pet wanders too close to them.

6. As an Alternative to Picture Frame Glass

Although glass is a common material for picture frames, it does have several disadvantages. This is especially true if your pictures are within touching distance of passing children and pets, not to mention clumsy relatives or friends. Glass is heavy, and it breaks easily. This makes it a poor choice for picture frames in busy homes.

If yours is a busy household, replace the glass in your picture frames with Perspex sheets. Perspex is light and durable, and even if it does break, it won't shatter into sharp fragments like a sheet of glass would.

7. As Sound Proofing for Windows

Do you live in a noisy area? Although, on its own, Perspex isn't as capable as glass at reducing noise, when you combine a Perspex sheet with a glass windowpane, the two work well to muffle incoming sound. If you are tired of hearing the rumble of passing vehicles, place Perspex sheets over the windows facing the road.

Perspex is a material that you can use in many useful ways throughout your home. If you are feeling like doing some home DIY projects, order some custom-made Perspex sheets and get to work.

To learn more, contact a Perspex supplier.