Advantages of Formatubes

27 April 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Formatube is a specially designed cardboard tube used by builders during construction to pour concrete columns into the ground to avoid soil collapsing whilst digging. This tube is a cost-effective way of pouring concrete when building concrete structures. When concrete is poured inside the cardboard tube, it sets after a certain amount of time. After this, the cardboard can be easily removed to reveal a smooth concrete column.

Normally the outside area of a formatube is embedded with a coating made out of plastic in order to make it water-resistant. The inside structure of the tube is coated using an oil lining to prevent any concrete from sticking to the tube to create a smooth column.

Formatubes are created in various diameters and are used in many industrial applications, including:

  • Concrete foundations
  • Main roads
  • Piling
  • Irrigation
  • Formwork

Here are some further advantages of formatubes:

  • Lightweight — The formatubes available nowadays are lightweight, making it easy for them to be transported. This also helps to save transportation costs as heavy-duty transport vehicles aren't required to deliver formatubes to the construction site.
  • Environmentally friendly — The material that formatubes are manufactured from is 100% recyclable and non-hazardous. This means that these tubes will not harm the environment in any way. 
  • Weather Resistant — This means that formatubes are unaffected by natural temperature variations. These include moisture, humidity and severe weather conditions such as extreme heat. Under all these circumstances, the structural integrity of the formatube will not be affected.  
  • Semi-flexible wall structure — A semi-flexible wall structure allows the formatube to have high resistance to any kind of impact. During impact, the tube will be able to easily bounce back into shape without sustaining any damage. 
  • Customisable — Manufacturers can make formatubes according to their client's specifications. Formatube is can be used to create all types of building structures including small scale buildings such as residential apartments and also large scale commercial buildings (such as shopping centres). The diameter of the tubing needs to be selected appropriately to suit the type of construction.

As can be seen, formatube is a versatile tool used in all types of building structures with concrete elements. The specifications of formatube depend upon the type of building project. Retailers manufacture formatubes according to specifications to ensure that they create the desired concrete structure. These specifications include different diameters of the tube as well as different thickness of the tube wall.