Cutting Structural Plywood: 5 Reasons To Choose Laser Cutting Processes

31 March 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Structural plywood is one of the most reliable, cost-effective and versatile building materials around. However, for any structural plywood truss or frame to be usable, the individual pieces of plywood it is made from must be cut and shaped to exacting dimensions, and conventional methods of cutting plywood using edges and blades often leave a lot to be desired.

Many construction contractors are eschewing these traditional plywood cutting techniques and are turning instead to laser cutting services. Laser cutters have a number of advantages over conventional plywood cutting equipment and are ideal for cutting structural plywood for any construction project.

What are the advantages of choosing laser cutting processes to cut structural plywood?

Exceptional accuracy

Laser cutters are controlled by sophisticated computer programs, and the emitters that produce the cutting laser beams move with an incredible degree of precision. Consequently, the cuts made by laser cutters are incredibly precise. If you use laser cutting methods to cut your structural plywood, you can guarantee that the finished product will be the exact size and shape you require.

Laser cutters are also invulnerable to wear caused by friction, and their computer control mechanisms eliminate the possibility of human error or operator fatigue. This means that laser cutters do not lose any of their accuracy and precision during long working periods. If you make a bulk order of structural plywood cut to specific dimensions, every piece of plywood you receive will be the exact same size.

Fast turnover

Laser cutters can make these incredibly precise cuts in pieces of structural plywood remarkably quickly, and laser cutting services can fill large structural plywood cutting orders very quickly. This makes laser cutting processes ideal if you need to order large quantities of processed plywood at short notice, or need to quickly cut your plywood to accommodate a change in plans or structural design.

Minimal material destruction

The focused laser beams used by laser cutting machines are very narrow and produce a limited amount of ambient heat. When laser cutters are used to cut structural plywood, only the plywood directly under the cutting beam is destroyed, while the surrounding material remains undamaged.

Using laser cutters means that a minimum amount of your structural plywood is lost to wastage during the cutting process. This can add up to a significant amount of saved material (and saved money) over time.

Smooth finishing

Cutting a piece of structural plywood using a table saw or another cutting blade usually leaves a relatively rough, unfinished edge on the freshly-cut plywood and may also cause small tear-outs to form. Without further processing and sanding, these rough edges can undermine the strength of construction adhesives that are applied to them and may cause an entire structural plywood structure to weaken.

Because laser cutters use intense heat rather than physical friction to cut through structural plywood, the edges they leave on finished products are smooth and free of tear-outs. Structural plywood that has been cut using laser cutters can usually be used immediately, without further processing.

To learn more about laser cutting, contact manufacturing professionals in your area.